spicy can be made Gluten Free
spicy Hot & Spicy


Gluten Free S3. House Salad
Fresh mixed greens with cucumber with ginger dressing
(S) 5.00 (L) 8.00
Gluten Free S4. Avocado Salad
Sliced avocado, mixed greens with ginger dressing
(S) 6.00 (L) 8.00
Gluten Free S5. Spinach Salad
Baby spinach, almond, chick peas with yuzu dressing.
(S) 5.00 (L) 8.00
Gluten Free S6. Mango Salad
Sliced mango, mixed greens, asparagus, peppers with mango dressing
(S) 6.00 (L) 8.00
Gluten Free S7. Seaweed Salad
Japanese style marinated seaweed
(S) 5.00 (L) 8.00
Gluten Free S8. Soy Protein Salad
Thin-sliced soy protein, almonds, pine nuts, mixed greens with peanut sesame dressing
(S) 6.00 (L) 9.00